Woodingford Lodge

May 2023

Woodingford Lodge is a trio of long-term care homes owned and operated by Oxford County, with locations in Woodstock, Ingersoll and Tillsonburg. Each home offers high-quality, patient-centred care, 24/7, in an environment where residents are recognized, valued and celebrated for being themselves. Woodingford Lodge’s complement of highly-skilled medical professionals has a reputation for responsiveness and patience, cultivating meaningful relationships with residents and motivated by their love of working with seniors.

In addition to medical and health-related services, Woodingford Lodge offers recreational programs to keep residents active and engaged, enriching therapeutic programs, like music and horticultural therapy, and has a volunteer-run café for all to enjoy. In 2019, Woodingford Lodge launched Canada’s first transition program to help prospective residents and their families adjust to life in long-term care before move-in day. Continuous investments in specialized staffing, equipment, and innovative services are hallmarks of care at Woodingford Lodge.

Why Join the OHT?
Given the highly integrated nature of an individual’s healthcare needs, Woodingford Lodge has always believed in partnerships with other local healthcare and service providers. Many residents join Woodingford Lodge with a well-established history of relationships with community partners, and the more that can be learned before someone moves in, the more prepared and equipped Woodingford Lodge can be to meet their needs.

The establishment of the Oxford OHT provides opportunities to collaborate and share successes with community partners, to connect with partners Woodingford has yet to work with, and to participate in various workshops/webinars/retreats hosted by other OHT members. The OHT also allows Woodingford to showcase and advocate for the high-quality, consistent care it is known to provide. Advocating for funding that adapts appropriately to the increasingly complex needs of its residents is critical to success. Working collaboratively with the OHT provides Woodingford with a more robust advocacy voice.

Projects and Collaborations
Woodingford Lodge is working on a few keystone projects that will transform its services in the next 3-5 years, including the development of a multi-year master plan, the prospect of building a new long-term care home in Ingersoll with 160 new beds, and the pursuit of excellence through an accreditation process with Accreditation Canada.

Woodingford Lodge’s master plan is in its initial procurement stage, with the goal of seeking County Council approval by the fall of 2023. With significant changes to the landscape of long-term care and the effects of COVID-19 in general, Woodingford Lodge is hopeful to define its vision for the coming years, ensuring it sustains an agile approach to the ever-changing needs of residents.

With County Council’s support, Woodingford Lodge applied to the Ministry of Long-Term Care’s (MLTC) New Home Development Funding Program, seeking 160 new long-term care beds in Ingersoll. As staff wait for status updates on this application, discussions with relevant OHT partners continue in order to explore innovative collaboration opportunities. This is an exciting and significant investment in infrastructure in Oxford County, and we look forward to the project development and opportunities to show our continued support.

In tandem with master planning and developing a new 160-bed home in Ingersoll, Woodingford Lodge is also pursuing accreditation through Accreditation Canada’s QMentum program. Historically known for high-quality care, accreditation will allow Woodingford to formalize the elements that facilitate excellent care and further collaborate with OHT members who have already embarked on this journey and achieved accredited status. As a direct tie-in with the prospect of building a new home in Ingersoll, the accreditation process allows Woodingford Lodge to document the ‘playbook’ that will guide the new home from day one.

While just being initiated, these three keystone projects are sure to cross paths with many of the OHT’s partners and colleagues; we look forward to the many exciting collaborations to come and want to thank Woodingford Lodge for the value it brings to our community and to the Oxford OHT.

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