Our Teams:

The Oxford Ontario Health Team is a multi-organizational partnership that includes active participation from local healthcare providers, clinicians, patients, caregivers and the broader community. With varying areas of care and expertise, our goal is to work together to bring a coordinated, streamlined healthcare experience to the Oxford County Community. 

In order to work towards this goal, we have created the following working groups:

Leadership and Strategy Council (The Council)
The Council sets priorities, drives improvements, and develops strategies to ensure all partners are in alignment. They collectively steward, shape, influence, and accelerate healthcare system transformation and experience across the Oxford OHT.

Collaboration Committee
The Collaboration Committee works together to ensure the work plans for our teams align with the Oxford OHT strategic priorities. They understand the work being executed across the Oxford OHT and act as a forum for discussion, planning, and problem-solving. The Collaboration Committee coordinates efforts across the OHT, reducing duplication, managing issues, and making decisions in alignment with the direction set by the Leadership and Strategy Council and the objectives of The Ministry of Health’s Quadruple Aim.


Patient Engagement Action Team (PEAT)
The Patient Engagement Action Team is responsible for bringing the perspectives of patients, families, and caregivers into the co-design of the Oxford OHT. Their purpose is to improve patient and family experiences across and between OHT partner organizations and support the evolution of health care navigation, access, and health literacy. The group serves in an advisory and decision-making capacity, making recommendations on matters that impact the community members of Oxford County.

Chronic Disease Task Force
This task force is comprised of representatives from our partner organizations. They aim to develop and support the implementation of innovative solutions to solve health challenges in Oxford County. As such, the task force will:

  • Propose changes to chronic disease services and programs to address informed population needs in Oxford County
  • Focus on keeping those with chronic diseases out of hospital and successfully managing their health in the community as well as supporting the transition from hospital back home
  • Guide chronic disease project teams by removing barriers and mitigating risks

Communications and Community Engagement Community of Practice
This team is responsible for identifying and managing communication efforts on behalf of the Oxford OHT membership and public. They share information about current projects and collaborations across their respective networks and look for opportunities to support events and engagements across organizations.

Digital Health and Privacy
The Digital Health and Privacy team provides up to date information and advice to the Oxford OHT membership on Digital Health priorities across the province/region. They recommend foundational steps to prepare Oxford OHT partners for digital health technology, including privacy actions to improve patient and provider experience.

Performance Measurement and Quality
This team reviews and analyzes data trends to inform planning locally in Oxford County. They support project execution by providing advice on data capture, definitions, and trends, and ultimately aim to improve data quality across Oxford County.

Priority Population Working Groups
The Oxford OHT has three priority population working groups that aim to improve the healthcare experience specifically for those represented by our target populations:

  • Attributed people at risk of hospitalization due to Chronic Disease
  • Attributed people that would benefit from Palliative Care
  • Attributed people experiencing challenges related to Mental Health and Addictions

We value our community’s feedback about their experience within the healthcare system. Complete our Anonymous Feedback Survey to help inform future priorities and design tests of change.

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