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  • The Accessible Drives-to-Vaccines program provides rides to vaccination sites for those with disabilities, mobility issues, or challenges accessing safe transportation.
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Patient & Caregiver Handbook

The Oxford OHT’s Patient & Caregiver Handbook is a co-designed tool by our Patient Engagement Action Team that aims to support any patient & their loved ones as they navigate our healthcare system.

The Patient and Caregiver Handbook was designed and written by patients, for patients.

The health system can be complex and difficult to navigate. This short document provides helpful, practical suggestions to encourage patients to actively participate in their care.

We’ve written the handbook in plain language with a goal to provide patients or clients with the tools they require to start a discussion or continue a conversation with their care providers. We want to empower you to be present and active as you navigate our system.

Forms to help you track visitors and important contacts:

Visitor Form
Fillable Contact Form


  • These are printable resources to help you track incoming and outgoing visitors and important contacts.
  • We believe these will be useful resources for semi-independent seniors or adults with disabilities that may have multiple weekly services or supports coming and going from the home.

Tips for the Visitor Form:

  • We suggest printing the form and securing it to the fridge or somewhere that visitors will see it as they come and go.
  • Keep a pen or pencil nearby and encourage visitors to record each visit on the form.
  • Once a sheet has been filled, replace it with a blank one and store used sheets in a folder in case you need to look back on them.

Tips for the Contacts Form:

  • This form can be edited before printing. Download and open the fillable PDF on your computer and type important contacts and relevant emergency numbers into the form.
  • You may wish to include contact information for regular service providers (examples: cleaning service, meal delivery service, doctors office)
  • Save this document on your computer in case you would like to add more contacts later.
  • Print and hang this document on the fridge or in a familiar place so important contacts can be found quickly as needed.
  • You may also wish to ask regular service providers to write-in their contact information as they visit the home.

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