Who are we?

The Oxford Ontario Health Team (OOHT) was officially formed in 2020 with a goal to deliver a coordinated patient experience to the Oxford County community. We are a team of local health professionals, organizations, and community members working together to create a system where patients will have access to the right care, right team, and right care setting when they need it. We want community members to experience seamless transitions throughout their care journey.

The OOHT currently has over 20 partner organizations representing many sectors across Oxford County. For a full list of our partner organizations, visit our Partner Directory.

What is an Ontario Health Team?

Ontario Health Teams(OHT) are a new way of organizing and delivering care that is more connected to patients, families, and caregivers in their local communities. Under Ontario Health Teams, providers (including hospitals, primary care, Community Support Services, Home and Community Care Providers) and social service providers work as one coordinated team – no matter where they provide care.

Currently, each health organization receives their own separate budget from the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. With the presence of mature OHTs, each Ontario Health Team would receive a single sum of funding and a single mandate to provide the full range of health services their population needs. The team would jointly agree on how to divide funding to provide all services.

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How will this change patient care?

The goal of an Ontario Health Team is to make a patient’s journey through the health system easier to navigate. Although the care provided in Ontario is widely felt to be high quality, different parts of the healthcare system often don’t communicate well. Having hospitals, home-care agencies, and primary care working collaboratively would improve that communication and allow for seamless transitions of care. Community members would still access the health system in the usual ways: with a visit to their family doctor or the emergency room, but the steps onward from there would be more integrated.

More information about the Oxford OHT:

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