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  • Ontario Structured Psychotherapy provides support for adults with depression, anxiety, and anxiety-related concerns.  Treatments may combine self-led strategies with support from a coach by telephone, or structured group or one-on-one therapy, virtually or in person. For referral information for Care Providers, visit

2023 Insulin Coverage Changes and Biosimilars

From March 31, 2023 – December 29, 2023, Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) recipients who are on an originator biologic will begin to transition to a Health Canada approved biosimilar version of the drug at no cost.

  • Lantus® LU codes will be phased out on December 29th, 2023.
  • There are now TWO biosimilars for insulin glargine: Semglee® and BasaglarTM.
  • Insulin brand must now be specified on a prescription.
  • Pharmacists are not allowed to select or substitute insulin brand.
  • The billing code K900A (biosimilar support: $61.20) supports these efforts.

The Centre for Effective Practice is offering free 1-on-1, individualized best practice discussions (academic detailing) to help support timely strategies for identifying and preparing patients for the upcoming switch in funding to reduce the chance of insulin therapy interruptions. These sessions are Mainpro+ accredited.

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