Working together to build a stronger,
healthier community for all.

Oxford OHT Shared Purpose Statement


Welcome to the Oxford OHT, serving Oxford County and the Surrounding Area

The Ontario government is moving forward with health system reform by creating Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).

The Oxford Ontario Health Team was officially formed in 2020 with a goal to deliver a coordinated patient experience to the Oxford County community. We are a team of local health professionals, organizations, and community members working together to create a system where patients will have access to the right care, right team, and right care setting when they need it. We want community members to experience seamless transitions throughout their care journey.

Our Partners

Developing an Oxford Ontario Health Team takes time and dedication from healthcare providers and organizations throughout Oxford County and the surrounding areas. We are thrilled to have support from over 20 partners as we work towards a seamless healthcare experience.

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