Tillsonburg Multi-Service Centre

March 25, 2022

The Multi-Service Centre (MSC) is a non-profit, charitable organization in Tillsonburg, ON dedicated to promoting high-quality accessible community services in Oxford, Elgin, and Norfolk Counties.

When asked why they joined the OHT, the MSC expressed that they have always looked for opportunities for collaboration to enhance the services they provide. They understand the community support services sector has a strong role to play in supporting the evolution of a holistic health care system, and the MSC is excited to formally be part of that with the Oxford OHT.

Since joining the OHT, the MSC has worked in collaboration with Ingersoll Services for Seniors and Oxford VON, and our “OHT Year 1 Chronic Disease at Risk of Hospitalization Working Group” on a Nursing Clinic Transportation Program. This program provides free transportation to seniors and adults with disabilities to nursing clinics (SE Health and Care Partners) across Oxford County, with a goal to reduce hospitalizations by ensuring community members can access proper care for chronic illnesses. To date, 337 rides have taken place across Oxford County as a result of this collaboration.

For more information on the many collaborations and initiatives of the MSC, visit their website.

We are pleased to have the MSC’s commitment to building a stronger, healthier community for all, and we are proud to see all the collaborations that have taken place so far.

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