Oxford OHT Impact Fellow Spotlight

Over the last year we have had the pleasure of hosting Razan Amoud, OHT Impact Fellow from the University of Toronto, on our Operations team. Razan is a trained pharmacist with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from the School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, specializing in pharmacoepidemiology and population health management.
As Razan’s fellowship with our team comes to an end, we reflect on the contributions she made and impact she has had in Oxford County.

Razan’s Contribution

Razan collaborated on various OHT Operations projects during her fellowship. She worked with our team to define performance indicators and familiarized us with data sources that could be used to derive insights about our community’s needs. More specifically, Razan played an essential role in evaluating the performance of the Community Paramedicine Remote Care Monitoring (RCM) program by helping with the development and implementation of performance measurement processes and tools. Her dedication and expertise empowered us to facilitate conversations across partner organizations and drive improvements based on data.

Razan went on to represent the Oxford OHT and her evaluation of the RCM program at the International Conference on Integrated Care 2024 (ICIC) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. When asked to describe her time at ICIC, Razan said “My experience was characterized by a dynamic exchange of ideas, collaborative networking, and a shared commitment to advancing healthcare delivery.”.

Razan delivered an oral paper presentation at ICIC on the performance evaluation of the RCM program in Oxford County. Her presentation highlighted the program’s effectiveness, showcased results, and offered important recommendations. Razan’s contribution at ICIC underscored her ability to translate complex data into actionable insights, furthering our mission to enhance patient outcomes. We were thrilled to have her represent our team on an international stage!

Reflecting on Her Fellowship

We asked Razan what she enjoyed about her time at the Oxford Ontario Health Team. Here is what she had to say:

I found immense fulfillment in the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse community of experts. The interdisciplinary nature of the fellowship fostered an exciting and dynamic environment.
One of the highlights for me was the ability to apply my research skills to meet the research demand in the workforce. I cherished the mentorship and guidance I have received from Teresa (Executive Project Lead). Working with the team at Oxford OHT not only enriched my own understanding but also accelerated my professional growth. The supportive working environment cultivated within the fellowship enabled me to explore new avenues of research, refine my skills, and make meaningful contributions to the field of healthcare delivery.

What’s Next?

With a solid foundation built through her fellowship and academic achievements, Razan is committed to continuous learning and professional growth. She aims to leverage her expertise to make a meaningful impact on healthcare delivery and policy. Razan envisions opportunities to work in academia, research institutions, government agencies, or the private sector, where she can contribute to positive changes in healthcare systems. She is also keen on fostering collaborations with stakeholders across sectors to tackle complex healthcare challenges collaboratively. Razan remains dedicated to advancing health equity, improving patient outcomes, and promoting innovation in healthcare delivery.

Thank You

On behalf of the Oxford Ontario Health Team, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Razan for her exceptional contributions during her fellowship. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and are confident that she will continue to make significant impacts in the field of healthcare. Thank you, Razan!

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