CBI Health

July 14, 2022

The team at CBI Health have been supporting clients and caregivers in our region for 25+ years, providing rehabilitation and client-centric care in various settings such as homes, clinics, and hospitals. The community-based services they provide support people living independently in their home and help prevent unnecessary hospitalization or premature admission to long-term care.

CBI Health recently partnered with the Transitional Care Unit at Caressant Care Nursing Home, HCCSS, and CarePartners to provide additional support to residents of the program. Through this collaboration, CBI Health offers daily and regular occupational therapy and physiotherapy, which has led to 81% of clients having either a stable or improved falls risk, 84% of clients with a stable or improved ability to perform activities of daily living, and improvement in pain scores by an average of 20%! Their involvement in the program is a fantastic example of the type of coordinated care and collaboration between partners that we are striving for more of in our healthcare system.

We are pleased to have CBI Health’s support and insight and we appreciate the work they do for Oxford County and the surrounding community. For more on CBI Health, visit www.cbihealth.ca

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