July 13, 2022

CarePartners is funded through HCCSS and has been delivering both nursing and personal support services in Oxford County since 1999. Services include palliative care nursing services through CarePartners’ eHomeCare program, personal support to residents in their home or retirement home setting, nursing visits in both the clinic and home setting, as well as school shift and overnight shift nursing services.

As mentioned in our Home and Community Care Support Services spotlight, CarePartners was involved in the opening of the Caressant Care Transitional Bed Program in April 2020. This program allocated a new space to patients waiting for long-term care solutions and led to more capacity for Oxford County hospitals as they cared for COVID-19 patients. The program has since expanded from 10 to 22 beds, with nursing and PSW staffing provided by CarePartners.

While this transitional program began before our OHT was officially approved, it is a fantastic example of the type of coordinated care and collaboration between partners that we are striving for more of in our healthcare system.

We are proud to work with CarePartners as a dedicated partner, and we look forward to continued collaborations within the OHT to better deliver care to patients in Oxford County. To learn more about CarePartners, visit

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