Sakura House

March 21, 2023

Sakura House, operated by VON Oxford, is Oxford County’s only residential hospice. They are a palliative care facility where 24-hour end-of-life care is provided by a skilled team of healthcare professionals with the assistance of professionally trained volunteers, at no cost to patients or their families.

Sakura House joined the Oxford OHT knowing the collaborative nature of Ontario Health Teams would align with their values and goals to provide meaningful and exceptional patient care. Operating a residential hospice takes a community, and partnership with the Oxford OHT opened new doors for collaboration and support.

One such example of support from the OHT includes recent funding for a hospice-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system at Sakura House.

EMRs enable healthcare providers to record patient information, such as health history, prescriptions, tests, and treatment plans electronically instead of on paper. Transitioning to electronic records will enable Sakura House to continue providing excellent care while decreasing the risk that comes with paper-filing and hand-written prescriptions. The ability to transcribe electronically benefits the patient and entire care team by:

  • Improving communication across care teams and enabling staff to access patient information from anywhere
  • Integrating with the pharmacy for faster and more accurate communication and prescriptions
  • Creating reliable, secure electronic health records for patients

Sakura House has started implementing this system as of December 2022. They look forward to the benefits that EMRs will bring to their facility as they continue to provide meaningful care and support to patients and their families.

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