Oxford County Paramedic Services

May 2023

Meet our partner, Oxford County Paramedic Services (OCPS). OCPS is a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals committed to providing exceptional medical treatment and education. The paramedics at OCPS respond to emergencies and offer proactive healthcare in Oxford County through their Community Paramedic Program, which coordinates visits with patients living with complex health needs to manage their conditions before they become emergencies. The entire team of paramedics also helps serve patients on the Oxford OHT Palliative Care Outreach Team, providing compassionate care to both patients and their caregivers.

Additional OCPS services include Remote Patient Monitoring, connecting patients to other support services, CP@Home health coaching and risk mitigation, in-home blood draws for qualifying patients, COVID-19 testing, flu and COVID-19 vaccinations for the homebound, and general health surveillance.

Why Join the OHT?
OCPS joined the Oxford OHT with the goal to provide the best overall experience for as many patients as possible throughout Oxford County. They believe that the only way to truly achieve this is through collaboration, understanding and mutual respect of other healthcare service providers, and the Oxford OHT provides that opportunity for collaboration. By coming together as a team, we can utilize each partner’s strengths and services to better serve our community.  

Projects and Collaboration
With support from the Oxford OHT, Community Paramedics launched the Remote Patient Monitoring Program (RPM), which has already benefited over 120 community patients. This 90-day program provides in-home and virtual assessments, daily monitoring of vital signs, and health coaching to those living with a chronic disease. Patients in this program feel cared for and supported, with one participant stating they felt “as if a guardian angel is watching over me.” To read more about the RPM program, visit https://oxfordoht.ca/remote-patient-monitoring/

Community Paramedics and the OHT are currently developing a new model of care to better serve the chronic disease patient population in Oxford County. Their goal is to provide in-home medical treatment under the guidance of physicians and nurse practitioners, expanding the non–emergency treatment for patients in their homes where they are most comfortable.

We look forward to continuing to work with OCPS on these initiatives and want to thank OCPS for their involvement in the Oxford OHT and for the work they are doing for our community. Learn more about them here: https://www.oxfordcounty.ca/en/services-for-you/paramedic-services.aspx

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